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Breaking News: 22 Occupations added to the PMSOL

​The Minister for Immigration Alex Hawke has today announced the inclusion of a range of skilled occupations on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL).

The PMSOL, first announced in September 2020, is developed in conjunction with the National Skills Commission to ensure a small number of critical occupations are filled to continue to create Australian jobs and aid in Australia's ongoing recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

The addition of 22 occupations brings the PMSOL to 41 in total.

Minister Hawke said the Government engaged with small, medium and large Australian employers, business leaders, and industry bodies across the economy to determine these changes.

The 22 new occupations are (including ANZSCO codes):

  • Accountant (General) (221111)

  • Accountant (Taxation) (221113)

  • Accountant (Management) (221112)

  • External Auditor (221213)

  • Internal Auditor (221214)

  • Electrical Engineer (233311)

  • Civil Engineer (233211)

  • Structural Engineer (233214)

  • Geotechnical Engineer (233212)

  • Transport Engineer (233215)

  • Mining Engineer (233611)

  • Petroleum Engineer (233612)

  • Surveyor (232212)

  • Cartographer (232213)

  • Other Spatial Scientist (232214)

  • Medical Laboratory Scientist (234611)

  • Orthotist / Prosthetist (251912)

  • Multimedia Specialist (261211)

  • Analyst Programmer (261311)

  • Software and Applications Programmers (261399)

  • ICT Security Specialist (262112)

  • Chef (351311)

Employer sponsored nomination and visa applications with an occupation on the PMSOL will be given priority processing. Sponsored workers who are offshore are also eligible for exemptions from Australia's Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Visa holders who have been sponsored by an Australian business in a PMSOL occupation will be subject to quarantine arrangements at their own expense. Existing skilled migration occupation lists will remain active and visas will still be processed, but priority will be given to those in occupations on the PMSOL.

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