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Insider's Look Into the New Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL)

Australia's Migration Strategy, announced in December 2023, serves as a blueprint for the reform of the nation's migration framework.

One of the key changes we are expecting in 2024 is the new Skills in Demand visa (SDV). The SDV will replace the Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa.

Skills in Demand visa

The SDV will include a Specialist Skills Pathway, a Core Skills Pathway and an Essential Skills Pathway. Most SDV applicants will apply under the Core Skills Pathway. For more information on these pathways read our article on the new Skills in Demand visa.

Core Skills Occupations List

The Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL) is a key eligibility criteria for applicants in the Core Skills Pathway. The CSOL will operate in a similar manner to the Skilled Migration Occupation Lists for the subclass 482 visa.

Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) has been appointed to research, and make recommendations to the Government on which occupations should be included in the CSOL.

CSOL draft and consultation

JSA has released a draft of the CSOL. The draft is for consultation purposes with businesses, migrants and Australian workers and job seekers. It is not the final advice that JSA will provide to Government, nor is it a decision of Government on the make up of the SCOL. The draft list is categorised into three groups:

- Occupations JSA is confident should be on the CSOL

This group contains many of the occupations on the current Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, Engineers, IT professionals and some trade workers are included in this group. Click here to view the full group list.

- Occupations JSA is targeting for further consultation

Occupations in this group are varied. They include Accountants, Hairdressers and various management, engineering and science occupations. Click here to view.

- Occupations JSA is confident should NOT be on the CSOL

A list of over 300 occupations that are not in Shortage in Australia, according to JSA. This group includes Public Relations Manager, Graphic Designer, Specialist Manager (nec) and Restaurant Manager. Click here to view.

The CSOL draft is not the final advice that JSA will provide to Government. The final version of the CSOL will need to be approved by the Minister for Immigration and inserted into the legislation before it comes into effect. This is expected by the end of 2024.

Migrants and employers who may be affected by the CSOL should consider seeking advice from a Registered Migration Agent.

Businesses and individuals are invited to participate in the JSA consultation process. A survey is open until10 May 2024, and submissions can be lodged until 31 May 2024. Those who are interested in making a submission should refer to JSA's website.

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Elan Rysher is a Registered Migration Agent and Qualified Student Counsellor. He is the main Writer for ImmiUpdates and the founder of Rysher Migration. Being a former migrant himself, Elan is passionate about helping others fulfil their Australian dream.


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