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Victoria's Skilled Migration Program reopens

The State of Victoria has announced today that it has reopened its Skilled Migration program. As expected, nomination criteria have been relaxed and more occupations are now eligible.

As with previous years, applicants with a valid Expression of Interest on SkillSelect will need to submit a Registration of Interest (ROI) and then be selected on competitive merit to apply for visa nomination. ROIs will be assessed until May 2023.

Not selected in 2021-22?

The 2021-22 program was highly competitive with over 15,000 Registrations of Interest submitted. Applicants who were not selected to apply are encouraged to submit a new Registration of Interest for the 2022-23 program.

Changes for the 2022-23 program

In addition to applicants living in Victoria, applicants living outside Australia will be selected for the subclass 190 visa in all eligible occupations.

For the subclass 491 visa in addition to applicants living in Victoria, applicants living offshore can apply, noting we are currently prioritising health occupations for subclass 491 visa nomination.

More eligible occupations

All occupations on the relevant Department of Home Affairs occupation list are now eligible, and applicants are no longer required to be using STEMM skills and working in a target sector to apply.

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