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Skilled Visa Nominations resume in NSW

New South Wales is the most popular Skilled migrant destination. Unfortunately, the temporary suspension of State nominations due to Coronavirus has left many migrants on hold.

South Australia and ACT have recently reopened their Skilled Migration program. Rumours of other States resuming nominations have been circulating however no formal updates were received from the NSW Government, until now.

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Today, NSW has announced that it will resume skilled visa nominations in limited numbers. Only ICT, health and engineering candidates who live in NSW will be invited . Read the full announcement received by ImmiUpdates below:

"NSW has been provided a limited number of interim nomination places for the 2020–21 financial year.

Because our nomination places are limited, we have made some temporary adjustments to our application process. These adjustments will be reviewed if more nomination places are provided to us later in the financial year.

Business and investor visas

We will nominate potential business and investor applicants by invitation only. To be considered for NSW nomination for the subclass 188 visa, ensure you have a valid EOI in SkillSelect selecting 'NSW' as your preferred state.

Skilled visas 

Invitation rounds will commence shortly for subclass 190 visa nomination. In line with Home Affairs' direction, we will only invite applicants in selected health, ICT and engineering occupations, and who currently reside in NSW. 

Please visit our subclass 190 visa website for information about eligibility for NSW nomination. 

All on-hand subclass 491 visa applicants will be advised of their outcomes by email shortly. 

For all visa subclasses, you do not need to submit a new EOI in SkillSelect if your current EOI is valid."

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