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Pearson PTE exams resume post-Covid-19

Updated: May 29, 2020

Pearson's PTE is one of the two most popular English exams for migration purposes (the other being IELTS). Both tests have been unavailable due to Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing requirements. This has been a major delaying factor for many migrants needing to pass an English exam.

Migrant in Australia wearing hygienic mask whilst taking a PTE English exam during Covid-19
Strict Covid-19 safety measures are in place at test centres

As Australia eases lockdown measures, life is starting to get back to normal. This positive trend is finally making an impact on the lives of migrants in Australia and others who are hoping to migrate.

Pearson's PTE has announced this week that it is reopening test centres in Australia. Exams are now available in all State capital cities and some regional locations. We ran a quick check to find out what exam dates are available in Australia's 3 major cities. As of 28 May, they are as follows:

  • Sydney 3 June

  • Melbourne 10 Aug

  • Brisbane 11 July

  • Canberra 14 June

  • Adelaide 26 June

  • Perth 29 June

  • Darwin 10 July

  • Hobart 10 September

As you can tell, some cities are months away from the first available exam dates. Hopefully more dates will be made available, as third-party exam centres are allowed to open.

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If you need to urgently sit an exam but cannot find a suitable date, check if other English tests (such as IELTS) are available in your area.

Are you outside Australia and needing to sit and English exam? We have good news for you too. PTE exams have resumed in a number of countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, Singapore, South Korea and India.

Pearson PTE conduct their exams under strict social distancing and hygiene measures. Face masks must be worn at all times at the examination centre. You will be asked to briefly remove the mask during the check-in process to take the required candidate photo.

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