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Introducing The Replacement Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) Visa

The Labour Government is making good on the previous Government's promises to migrants affected by Covid-19 restrictions.

New legislation has been released which introduces a new stream of Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visas. Commencing 1 July 2022, The Department of Home Affairs will provide an opportunity for former international students to obtain another Temporary Graduate visa if they were unable to stay in Australia for the full period of their previous Subclass 485 visa due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

The Change

The Replacement stream will be open to current and former Subclass 485 visa holders, regardless of their location at the time of application, if the primary applicant:

- Was outside Australia when the original Subclass 485 visa was granted, entered Australia on the original visa before 15 December 2021, and then departed Australia after this entry but before 15 December 2021 while holding the original visa; OR

- Was in Australia when the original Subclass 485 visa was granted, and was outside of Australia at any time between 1 February 2020 and 14 December 2021 while holding the original visa.

Including Family

People who were granted a Subclass 485 visa based on being the member of the family unit of the primary visa holder, will also be eligible for the Replacement stream if the primary visa holder is eligible.

The Fine Print

A cut-off date of 1 January 2027 will be imposed on applications for the Replacement stream.

The Replacement stream is not available to people who were already on their second Subclass 485 visa in the Post-Study Work stream during the Covid-19 travel restrictions .

The Replacement stream is not available to persons who have had a Subclass 485 visa, or any subsequent visa which was cancelled. The only exceptions are those who requested in writing that the Minister cancel their visa and those whose visa cancellation was set aside by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

What About the Second ‘regional’ 485 Visa?

Amendments have been made to ensure people who wish to progress to the second ‘regional’ Post-Study Work stream visa, are not disadvantaged if they granted the Replacement stream visa.

Instead of the person having to meet the existing regional residence requirements on their first Post-Study Work stream visa (which they are unlikely to meet if their time in Australia on their first visa was disrupted by Covid-19), they now have a new opportunity to meet those requirements on their Replacement stream visa.

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