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Introducing the new Subclass 485 Visa Extension

As reported last week, the widely anticipated Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) extension visas will be available from 20 January 2021. For eligible Subclass 485 visa holders, the second TG visa offers extra time to live and work in regional Australia while pursuing other visa paths. For the Department of Home Affairs, the objective is to attract graduates to settle in regional areas.

The Gold Coast is a designated regional city

So what do you need to know about Temporary Graduate visa extensions?

  • Only one Temporary Graduate visa extension (second visa) may be granted to each applicant.

  • Applicants must hold a valid Subclass 485 visa in the Post-Study Work stream at the time of applying for the second TG visa.

  • The Visa Application Charge is $620 for the main applicant, $325 for each adult dependant and $165 for each underage dependant applicant.

  • The main applicant must be in Australia when lodging the second TG visa application. Family members can apply from onshore or offshore.

  • English exam, Police certificates and satisfying the Australian study requirement are not required for the second TG visa application.

  • Applicants must have studied and lived in a regional area whilst holding their Student visa. They must also have lived and worked in a regional area for at least two years immediately before applying for the visa. If any study was undertaken during this period, it must have been in a regional area.

  • The classification of the regional postcode determines the visa period - one or two years. For a detailed explanation and a list of eligible postcodes click here.

Second 485 visa available in Perth, WA
Perth is also a designated regional city
  • Applicants who studied, lived and worked in a designated regional centres or other regional areas will be eligible for a second Temporary Graduate visa with a period of two years.

  • Applicants who have studied, lived and worked in designated regional area, but do not satisfy the requirements for a two-year visa, may be still eligible for a second Temporary Graduate visa with a one year period.

  • All Second TG visas will be subject to Condition 6810. It requires holders to continue living, working and studying in the regional area for which their visa was granted. It is possible to move between regional areas once the visa is granted, so long as they fall under the same regional Category. Failure to comply with visa condition may lead to visa cancellation.

The second Temporary Graduate visa is an attractive option for eligible 485 visa holders in regional areas. Understanding which postcode category your application will be assessed under is essential. Supporting evidence of residence in a regional area can include rental contracts, utility bills, drivers licence, payslips and tax documents.

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