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6 things you need to know about SkillSelect Date of Effect

Updated: May 10, 2020

Skilled migration is a highly sought after group of Australian visas. The path to a skilled visa passes through several stages. The most talked-about stage is the expression of interest submission (EOI) on SkillSelect.

A popular belief amongst SkillSelect candidates is that their points score is all that matters. In reality, there are other factors which influence on who gets invited to apply for a skilled visa and when. In this article, we will discuss SkillSelect's Date of Effect.

Screenshot showing SkillSelect main page and date of effect
This is where the date of effect is on SkillSelect

Not sure what I'm talking about? Log in to SkillSelect to view your EOI homepage, it's right there looking at you. Let's flesh it out.

More than just a date

SkillSelect records the time and date you submitted your expression of interest. When you first submit your EOI, your date of effect is the date you submitted it. However, it can change, sometimes without you even realising it.

It helps to decide who gets invited

SkillSelect uses dates of effect to rank EOIs with equal points score. It applies to Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visas and Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) visas in the Family-Sponsored stream.

Imagine two Electronics Engineers with an equal points score of 95. They are waiting for an invitation to apply for a subclass 189 visa. The one with the older date of effect will be invited first to apply for the visa.

Man waiting for an invitation on SkillSelect
Waiting for an invitation on SkillSelect can be frustrating

It can change

Every time your points score changes, your date of effect is updated. For example, if you improve your English score after submitting your EOI, you can update SkillSelect to claim more points. Once you update your EOI, your date of effect will change to the time and your points score changed.

It changes without you even realising

SkillSelect automatically updates points score in the age and work experience categories. For example, if you turn 25 years old (congratulations!) while your EOI is already submitted, SkillSelect will automatically update your points in the Age category from 25p to 30p. Your new date of effect will be the date SkillSelect updated your points score.

States and Territories can see it

If you are seeking State nomination under the Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) or the Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) visas, SkillSelect will show the date of effect for these classes. The States you are seeking nominations from can see it. However, they are not obliged to follow it when deciding whom to nominate.

SkillSelect Date of effect marked on a calendar
Do you know what is your date of effect?

It can give you a big headache

Being assigned with new dates of effect every time your points score changes can be problematic.

Imagine your points score is 95 (well done). Your EOI is standing in the invitation queue for candidates with 95p. Every points score has a separate queue.

In front of you are people who got 95 points before you did. Behind you are people who got 95p later. You have been waiting for an invitation for almost a year. You are getting anxious but you can already see the front of the queue. A skilled visa is within your reach.

One day, you hit the 3 year anniversary at your current job. You may not even realise it, but SkillSelect has already updated your EOI. Your new score is 100p. The updated date of effect is the date your points score changed.

Now you must leave the 95p queue and go to the very back of the 100p queue. The good news is that the 100p queue moves a bit faster and has fewer people. The bad news is that you were already close to the front of the 95p invitations queue. Now you must get through a whole new queue.

People queuing for an invitation for a skilled visa on SkillSelect
The date of effect is your place in the invitations queue

Will you be invited before your EOI expires? Depends on how quickly you will progress in the queue.

Take home message

To keep a level playing field, SkillSelect uses the date of effect together with points scores to determine who gets invited to apply for subclass 189 and 491 (family sponsored) visas.

Claiming more points on a lodged EOI is a common strategy for many SkillSelect candidates. Many people spend money and effort on repeating English exams for themselves and their partners or taking NAATI's Credentialed Community Language test.

However, the new date of effect that comes with the higher points score might push an EOI so far back in the invitations queue, that the chance of receiving an invitation is effectively gone.

Claiming more points isn't always the best solution for those seeking to migrate to Australia. If your EOI is stuck on hold, get help from an experienced Registered Migration Agent and explore your options before deciding what to do.

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